Carity brings resources and hope to caregiver community


Casey Pruden is no stranger to the emotional strains that developmental disabilities can bring upon families. As the brother of a special needs individual, Casey continually encountered issues with efficiency in terms of quality care and the ability for families and caregivers to share information in an accessible manner. Emboldened by a desire to help these families, Casey founded Carity in 2013. Carity is an application business that provides a full-service platform to better monitor and evaluate the daily lives of individuals with disabilities.  Carity’s service methodology allows a family member, doctor, or caregiver to input information efficiently about the behavior of disabled individuals. Focusing on care for patients has provided Carity with a competitive advantage by allowing for all types of disabilities to be monitored at the point of incidence while detailed personal information is stored securely.

At its inception, Carity was conceived to allow users to input information efficiently within a centralized platform. Following consultation and coaching with Emerging Ventures, the company has gained access to service providers, application development, and was a winner of the 2013 “Bucks for Bright Ideas” Contest.

“Working with Owensboro Innovation Office provides valuable information regarding my startup process, advice, leads for potential clients, and encouragement throughout my journey to bring the enrichment and benefits of Carity to not only caregivers, but those which they serve,” said Mr. Pruden.

Carity will soon release its mobile application to congregate behavioral information. The ultimate goal for the business is to leverage mobile applications to further enhance in-home clinical experiences and to drive behavioral analytics. The company has begun an aggressive capital raise to enhance its market share.

Look for the launch of their app later this year.