GearBrake: Add Intelligence to Your Brake Lights



A client of the Louisville Innovation Network office,  GearBrake provides a new level of safety to motorcyclist on the road.  Riders already know that motorcycles are able to rapidly slow down without using brakes by downshifting and engine braking – but the rest of us are left in the dark since this action doesn’t light up a bike’s brake lights.

That’s where GearBrake comes into play. Their patent pending module can sense deceleration and will automatically flash the brake lights.

A winner for everyone on the road.

Founder & CEO Chris Bailey and COO Jason Harrington already have GearBrake in two retail locations in Kentucky and Indiana.  Look for this and other riding-related products from GearBrake as they expand their company and try to meet the needs of bikers across the US.

Team-Shipping    Product Pic