How to grow sales with limited resources

Everyone in your company needs to understand that they are all involved in sales. Never lose this customer centric focus.

The key to growing sales with limited resources is to focus. This is actually a problem with most all companies. It is an acute problem with small companies.

To see if you are focused, I would ask you a simple question: what is it that you do that I would be interested in?

In about 15 seconds you need to articulate what it is you do that is unique and why I should be interested.

To do this you need to know two things, your customer and your product.

The starting point is your customer. What specific problem do they have? If you do not know this, you cannot sell. Tell the customer you understand their problem by being able to articulate it.

 The second half of the successful pitch is explaining how your product is a better solution than any alternative they have. Tell them how they can solve their problem with your technology. You are now becoming a part of their business success. It is not about you, it is about them.

The second element you need to be successful in growing sales with limited resources is continuous communication. Everyone needs to help everyone else all the time. Everything should be communicated. These communications should be concise and should be strategic, not tactical in nature.

Communicate customer problems and customer solutions by customer segment. The more you talk about this among the group, the more focused the response will be. Always be trying to divide customer segments to get more specific responses and always be looking to add customer segments.  As I said above, the discussions should be strategic. The more you do this, the better you will get at it. Then, prepare marketing literature, website changes, concepts for white papers, etc.

Once you start down the path of knowing your customer and knowing your product, cost reduce your product. Sales increase as price goes down. Decreasing price is dependent on decreasing costs.

In summary, to increase sales with limited resources, focus on specific customer segments with targeted pitches that show you understand their problem and can help them solve it while you are always cost reducing your product. Visit KY Innovation for more information or to connect with a startup professional. Tweet KY Innovation here