Internet of Things, Business Edition


It’s no secret that the Internet of Things has arrived. With the ability to monitor and then fine-tune commercial jet engines an airline can save money on fuel and maintenance, as the author of “Here Comes the Industrial Internet” and editor at VentureBeat, Dylan Tweney, points out.

Think for a moment about the sheer volume of collected data.

GE estimates there will be 50 billion devices attached to the Internet by 2020.

These devices will mostly be invisible. They won’t inspire page after page of glowing commentary from Internet pundits in high-profile tech news sites. But they will make an enormous difference to the way industry works in the modern world.

So who will help industry make sense of the exabytes of industrial data?  That sounds like a business opportunity.

Image: “Hilbert InfoGrowth” by MyworkforwikiOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.