Aerospace “Fresh Beginning” for Eastern Kentucky


Director of the Kentucky Innovation Network office at Morehead State University, Jonathan Gay writes about the recent IdeaFestival – Aerospace conference held in Morehead, and about a growing industry in eastern Kentucky.

What industry is that? You might be surprised!

You’ve probably seen reports that aerospace has stealthily become one of Kentucky’s biggest industries. In fact, Kentucky exports more aerospace products, dollar-wise, than it does cars, car parts and bourbon… combined! All well and good, but what does that have to do with Eastern Kentucky? Eastern Kentucky- specifically Morehead- is becoming a focal point for space innovation and space research. Three big moments at IF Aerospace really brought this home.

To kick-off IdeaFest, Dr. Ben Malphrus, dean of the Morehead State University Space Science Center, announced that MSU would join a consortium that will send a multimillion dollar satellite to the moon to look for water….

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