Morehead’s Space Science Program Attracts Wireless Leader Rajant

MSULunarCubeAnnoucement500pxHow important is innovation to Kentucky? Rajant, which is a leader in “multi-frenquency wireless solutions,” has decided to locate an office at Morehead, Kentucky, because of the talent being generated by the  university’s space science program.

If you didn’t know that Kentucky has become a leader in very small, sophisticated spacecraft that conform to the “Cubesat” standard, you’re not alone. Morehead State University, though, has steadily developed a reputation for developing and launching these tiny satellites. And that reputation was only enhanced when it was selected recently by NASA to build a spacecraft that will prospect for water ice from lunar orbit!

That announcement, pictured above, was made at the successful IdeaFestival-Aerospace conference held in March in the city.

Rajant plans to locate in a 9,600-square-foot building on Main Street, and will work with MSU to develop robust orbital wireless networks.