Successful Companies Grow


Successful companies grow:

Successful businesses grow…. Today, in fact, only 13% of the original Fortune 500 companies from 1955 are still around. Once great firms like Bethlehem Steel and RCA no longer exist and others, such as General Motors and IBM have had near death experiences.

Greg Satell at Digital Tonto writes that “the likely cause of your business’s future failure is a factor in its success today,” and lists three “future failures” as:

  • Your business model changed and it wasn’t recognized
  • A culture that worked against optimal outcomes or produced truly awful outcomes
  • A “linear” view of the exponential and disruptive potential of technology

Give the entire piece a read! And if you want help to grow your company, why not contact the Kentucky Innovation Network? We’ll put you in touch with someone, whether you need help for a very specific question, for example, about finance or cash flow, or need someone who can mentor you on your growth journey.

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