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New High Tech Help in Louisville

UofL’s planned Institute for Product Realization is an LLC under the Speed School for Engineering and will be the cornerstone of the University’s Belknap Engineering and Applied Sciences Research Park.  It is wholly owned by the UofL Research Foundation for the three-fold purpose of Manufacturing Pilot & Launch Pad; Microfactory and Co-Creation; and Technical Research.  This will be a resource to the business community and will involve corporate partners.

In addition to the IPR, the UofL Rapid Prototyping Center, the RPC, is part of the Speed School and provides additive manufacturing through 3-D printing with lasers.  The RPC has partnered with many companies, both large corporates and smaller entrepreneurs over the years to provide low volume, manufactured prototypes.   This facility is more of a research facility.

There is also the LVL1 Hackerspace, an open community lab and workshop of makers using a collection of tools and assistance in a voluntary nature at their own facility located at The Pointe in the Butchertown area.

We at the Kentucky Innovation Network regard all of the above as exceptional maker resources and refer clients to them often as appropriate.