Tech-Startup Announces The Wallet of The Future


Lexington, KY, April 22, 2014 − Skipping Stone Technologies (“SST”) has announced the launch of its new smartphone case and accessory line. The product line, called kit-case, is a unique platform of integrated and modular accessories for smartphones. Each kit-case is custom-made to order using Shapeways 3D print technology. 



Unlike existing smartphone accessories on the market, kit-case accessories are ‘green’ and compatible with different handsets and brands — including future models — thereby reducing accessory obsolescence. Christopher Manzo, AIA, and CEO of SST, said, “kit-case changes the way we use and interact with smart technology. By allowing you to seamlessly carry a group of frequently needed lifestyle and device accessories, kit-case is the only wallet you will need! The kit-case accessory possibilities are endless and you don’t have to throw your accessories away when you upgrade your smartphone. We’re initially offering kit-case with the most popular accessories and building out our product line from there.”

kit-case products are made-to-order via 3D printing and come in four color choices and multiple combinations. As SST expands the kit-case brand, additional accessories will be developed, facilitating ongoing technology adoption and customization. SST is the first smartphone case and accessory company to exclusively use 3D print technology – for a demonstration of 3D print manufacturing:

kit-case is available for the following smartphones:

  • iPhone 5S
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung NOTE and NOTE 3
  • Nexus 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 (in development)
  • HTC M8 (in development)

 Accessories available for kit-case include:

  • Slim Wallet – holds 4 plastic, 2 bills, 6 biz cards, and a house key
  • Ultra Slim Wallet – holds 4 plastic, 2 bills, 2 biz cards
  • Clip – for hands free driving, belt, purse, or money clip
  • Lego Adaptor – for stands, mounts, and robots
  • Earbud Holder (in development)
  • Mobile Arduino Case (in development)
  • Photography Mount (in development)
  • Stands and a multi-tool (in development)
  • Back-up battery/ USB cord (in development)

Formed in April 2012, Skipping Stone Technologies, LLC, is a Missouri-registered and Lexington, Kentucky-based company. SST designs innovative products addressing opportunities in the smartphone accessory market. For more information about kit-case, as well as design images of the products, visit the company’s store:  For more information regarding SST, contact Christopher Manzo at (314) 954-1648, or Media contact: Harris Consulting Services,

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