Turning Beliefs Upside Down

StayCuriousMany of you will be familiar with the business model canvass, a systematic way to think about the viability of a product or service. The teams that competed at the Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs, for example, used it to great effect. But a new approach to the business model promises to “turn your beliefs upside down.”

Of the characteristics of the new model, this one stood out:

3. Turn an underlying belief on its head. Formulate a radical new hypothesis, one that no one wants to believe—at least no one currently in your industry. Ask yourself outside-the-box ‘What-if’ questions.

In case you’re not aware, the Kentucky Innovation Network in 2015 is presenting the IdeaFestival, which similarly wants to turn your thinking upside down. Its mantra, “stay curious,” is the kind of advice that any entrepreneur can use.

The answers are everywhere.

We hope to see you in Louisville!