What do zombies, bourbon, coding and jazz all have in common?


Zombies, bourbon, coding … psychology, philosophy, science … jazz performed by Wynton Marsalis? What do all these thing have in common? Idea Festival!

Just TRY to imagine a more interesting three days in all of Kentucky (or across the country) than October 1, 2, and 3, 2014! IdeaFestival, now in its 12th year, is a hub for creative thinking — and the Kentucky Innovation Network couldn’t be more proud to be the presenting sponsor of this fantastic event.

It’s difficult to explain exactly what IdeaFestival IS. There are talks, yes. There are lunches, and receptions, and concerts. But it’s also about connection, spontaneity, pop-up dancers and amateur singers testing out their pipes in a made-on-the-spot recording booth. And let’s not forget about the art.

The Kentucky Innovation Network is here at the festival with a team of Directors from all 13 locations across Kentucky – and they are ready to listen. Do you have a great business idea? Do you need a kick-start? What stands between your vision and your reality?

Let them help you make a business plan. You’ll get a free tee and, when the plan is turned in (by Friday at 5:30 p.m.) you’ll be entered to win an iPad.

While mulling over your plan, make sure you check out the incredible lineup of speakers at IdeaFestival. Join the conversation on Twitter using #InnovateKY and #IF14.

The Network believes that every idea is worth it—let’s hear yours.

Hope Reese